Prairie du Sac borrows for projects

The Village of Prairie du Sac issued 20-year promissory notes at their April 23rd meeting, in order to fund street projects and equipment purchases.

End of an era: noon whistle officially stops in Sauk City

The elimination of the noon whistle and a over a million dollars in borrowing topped the agendas of the last two Sauk City meetings in late April and mid-May.

Arena Police Officers submit resignations, give board a chance to act

When the Arena Village Board replaced all three current members of their Public Safety Committee at an April meeting, they set in motion a series of events that would lead, 11 days later, to their entire police force resigning.

Prairie du Sac spends donation on Fire Department “wish list,” aerial truck purchase

The Village of Prairie du Sac officially decided what to do with the estate of Patrick J. McPhee, who bequeathed $492,000 to the village to be used for the fire department. After discussion at the last meeting, it was decided to buy a “wish list” provided by the Fire Chief, and use the rest towards the aerial fire truck purchased in 2022. 

Village of Sauk City approves Cardinal Estates Park plan, stays on budget

Sauk City’s April 9th village board meeting started out with something new, as President James Anderson said his new tablet “read 6 o’clock,” instead of his usual “the clock says” to start the meeting. Best to leave it up to the philosophers as to whether that’s progress.

Mazomanie sees progress on shared police department, finishes review of communication strategies

At their April 9th meeting the Mazomanie Village Board heard from Village President Gary Harrop about their proposal to the Village of Black earth to combine police departments.

Village of Black Earth taking next steps towards updated Comprehensive Plan

Although the Black Earth Village Board discussed the possibility of combining their police department with Mazomanie at their meeting last Tuesday, it occurred in closed session and there was nothing reported after.

Sauk County Board votes in secret, reveals tally after media complaints

The Sauk County Board has revealed the results of the most recent vote regarding the Sauk County Health Care Center.

Village of Arena holds special meeting about Police Department

The Village of Arena held a special meeting on March 27, called by board members James Doerflinger and Brittany Carney, to discuss the status of the police department with the officers themselves.

Potential sale of Sauk County Health Care Center shrouded in mystery

It appears as though the Sauk County Board of Supervisors intends to move forward with possibly selling the Sauk County Health Care Center.

Last Thursday, the board gathered for a special meeting specifically about the Center. It then went into closed session, which was properly posted under the state’s Open Meetings Law.


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