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Dear Editor,

Polls state voters list inflation, specifically high grocery prices, as what matters most to many Americans. They blame President Joe Biden and will vote for Donald Trump. I urge these people to reconsider.

Mary A. Endres

Mary A. Endres

Mazomanie--Mary A.

From the Mazomanie Historical Society

Tom North, Early Mazomanie Doctor and Farmer


By Frank Wolf


Cody Movie Minute

Dune: Part One Review


The first film in the “Dune” franchise. A science fiction powerhouse that feels like a combination of “Game of Thrones” and “Star Wars”. Released in 2021, “Dune” was nominated for 10 Academy Awards and won 6. And when you see the film, you will see why. “Dune” is a fantastic film.

Cody's Movie Minute

The Holdovers Review


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Tech thriller and calm novella


with the rising role of robots and artificial intelligence (AI) in our life, it’s natural to wonder about the implications.  Two authors provide opposing viewpoints about machine intelligence that becomes self-aware.

Geiger Counter

People often include quotes at the end of their emails. Something clever that a physicist, author or celebrity said. You finish reading a message about a parent-teacher conference and get a bonus line of text from Mark Twain or Lebron James: 


Cody's Movie Minute

Godzilla Minus One Review


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Something old, something new



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