Your Right to Know: Wisconsin should name schools with COVID-19 cases

By Jonathan Anderson


Editor’s note: Both the Wisconsin Heights School District and Sauk Prairie School District voluntarily disclose COVID-19 cases in their schools.


Here are some questions for parents to ponder:

Do you care if your kids get COVID-19? 

Your Right to Know: DOC should be more open about COVID-19


Letters to the editor

Nothing is normal about 2020. Family, friends and neighbors are struggling with unemployment and meeting basic human needs for food, shelter and security. In the midst of all this the most important election of our lifetime will be held in just a matter of days. Our expectations for day-to-day life in 2020 have changed dramatically.

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Food Fight


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Virtual school is doing an amazing job preparing my daughter for adult life in the modern workforce. She wakes up, spends most of the day staring at a screen, then shuts it off with a sigh. Her eyes are bleary, her mind is blank, her expression is dull. Her psyche is uncharacteristically raw and tender.

Letters to the editor

An Open Letter to the Community Regarding Wisconsin Heights’ 2020 Referendum

Written by Emma Schaefer


Letter to the editor

Flags on Mills Street in Black Earth.

Listed below are the individuals and businesses having contributed to sponsoring “FLAGS ON MILLS STREET” through Mickelsons-Martin American Legion Post 313 Black Earth WI. Commander Dennis Wood would like the community to know of those generous annual donations to recognize and celebrate “Old Glory” and for which our flag stands for.

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“Ready Player One” by Ernest Kline received several enthusiastic reviews for both the book, which was published in 2011 and the movie that followed nine years later.  It’s been described as a young adult adventure novel, a dystopian science fiction tale and a love story.

Letters to the editor

Wisconsin Heights School District Referendum - November 3, 2020 

It’s About a District, Not About a Building 


Letters to the editor

Citizens of The Wisconsin Heights District/Fellow Vanguards:


As a new Wisconsin Heights school board member, I’m writing to explain both my support for and the reasons why I think this is the opportune time to put forth a capital referendum towards new facilities.


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