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Alden Sanborn

Alden Sanborn, Early Mazomanie Lawyer


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Someone must have broken into our house…

My eyes pop open in the dark when I hear footsteps in the house. The rest of my body remains still, but those orbs, their powers completely stripped away by the night, stand at futile attention while I lie in bed.

Letters to the editor

I would like to extend a huge thank you to all who helped make the Sauk Prairie Volleyball Season another successful year.  We could not do it without your help…the Sauk Prairie Sports Boosters, Julie in the office, Josh, Jeff, Chad, Aaron, Shane, Marcia, Joleen, Marsha and Angie and Todd at the table, Mary for your assistance and unending suppo

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Small Town Characters


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My sister-in-law doesn’t like hobbits, she informed us at dinner last week. 

“Why not?” my wife asked.

“Their feet,” she replied bluntly. “And their optimism.”

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Old murder links past and present


An unsolved murder is at the heart of Louise Erdrich’s fiction “The Plagues of Doves”.  The horrific act serves both as motivator to propel readers to finding the truth and as an event permeating the plot and holding the story together.

Letter to the editor

A huge “THANK YOU” goes out to all who donated art or craft items to the Friends of the Black Earth Library annual silent auction.We had a record number of entries to bid on and a record number of bids.

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A mangy dog story


Every year I try to write about a stray dog. 

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Human Connections


“The One in a Million Boy” by Monica Wood is a tale that hinges on heart-breaking loss, but it also provides an uplifting lesson in the power of love and friendship.  Quirky characters feature in this touching tale, which was published in 2016.

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War Hero in Space



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